Starting Fresh and Building Up from Last Year

This portal, which will start off as a blog, is an attempt to begin building a digital domain for documenting and archiving the raw datasets, materials, publications, and non-traditional presentations of all things nuclear, beginning with my own research within the nuclear history of Malaysia. It was conceived as postdoctoral project as far back as October 2014, although it was only about a year later, in October 2015, when I was already ensconced a month in my postdoctoral position, that I was able to begin properly.

When I started I was lost; although I wrote a nice proposal on how the history of nuclear science in Malaysia has been neglected, knowing where to begin is hard, as there was no precedence by which I could just slip myself into. Not even reading existing literature in nuclear studies from across disciplines helped much in gaining a regional foothold. First, one has to make connections, know who to talk to, find someone could let you into the inner sanctum of Malaysian nuclear information, and of course, grapple with a bunch of commitments required of a postdoc and the lack of own research funds. Getting clear, accurate, and useful information on most things in Malaysia is still tough, despite social media. It is not that the information is not there; they are just not well organised and you have to be sort of an insider to know where to go for them. This gets worse when it comes to Malaysia’s nuclear history.

Finally, I am starting a space for organizing all that information, not just for Malaysia, but also for Southeast Asia. However, given the sensitivity of the topic of everything nuclear, one has to be careful with what one is able to release so as not to violate any permissions. I hope you would join me in this journey and share your thoughts now and then, or even collaborate as a team member if you feel like this is something you would like to do. Although I am focusing on Malaysia, I hope to have this site include an interdisciplinary approach to all things nuclear within ASEAN, and perhaps in the future, beyond the boundaries of ASEAN. I am in the process of expanding, extending, and changing the nature and scope of the project that I hope to continue. In my part, more substantial pieces of writing from the work done in 2015 and 2016 will be coming soon!

As this space evolved and as new team members come in, you will soon see that the introductory page will no longer look like this.




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