Welcome to the NuclearSEA blog. It aspires to turn into an interactive archive, database, and clearinghouse for all things relating to the history, politics, and sociology of nuclear science and technology in Malaysia and ASEAN. Until its upgrade into a full website, this blog will feature the ongoing research, news, and all relevant items pertaining to the research into nuclear history and futures in Malaysia more specifically, and ASEAN more generally. It also hopes to extend and connect with other sectors and fields that the social-epistemological and sociotechnical study of nuclear science and its infrastructures connect to, including areas of energy, sustainability, urban planning, data, computation, foresight, and much more. New features and connections will be introduced as this blog develops. If you are doing work on nuclear science and tech, nuclear security, nuclear energy and power, or anything else relevant to nuclear in Southeast Asia and would like to connect, please leave a message below. In the near future, this site aspires to expand the territories covered.

This site will one day become a digital archive and database of all information pertaining to the sociological, cultural, economic, and epistemological study of nuclear science, technology, and security in Southeast Asia. Aims and Objectives are still under development. Team members are being sought and funding acquisition is in process.